Dare to Sea


CIRCUS/DANCE /LIVE PROJECTIONS | for children and their adults

Peut-Être Theatre & La Manœuvre

On the beach the man hesitates and dithers – he is afraid of water. Yet the woman who was beside him a split-second ago has just dived among the folds of the waves…

Overcoming his fear, he plunges in and dances with the storm, discovering what is under the surface: a new world teeming with wild fish, juggling mermaids and dark creatures in the abyss. It is a dangerous and marvellous place where love and courage collide in an acrobatic dance.

A magical journey, Dare to Sea is a Franco-British collaboration bringing together dancers, circus and visual artists. The aquatic world is conjured through hand-made animated projections; waves are created through an original score and objects such as juggling clubs become fish darting through the water. Dive in to indulge yourself in a magical and moving adventure of waves, acrobatics and magnificent images.


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Directors : Daphna Attias & Gaëlle Bisellach

Artists : Maya Politaki, Clara Solana, Gaëlle Cathelineau, Colin Jolet

Live visuals : Franck Française

Scenography : Delirium Lumens

Lighting Design : Jackie Shemesh

Music : Yaniv Fridel

Costumes: Julie Deljéhier

We would like to thank: Lighthouse, Poole, Jackson’s Lane, PASS, Arts Council, CSM.