The Tin Soldier

_MG_0628A new-minted tin soldier stands on a single leg, having been the last one cast from an old tin spoon. Nearby, he spies a paper ballerina, also standing on one leg, and the soldier falls in love. But the course of true love cannot run smooth and the soldier falls into an adventure to test and melt the bravest of hearts.

Live music, dance, colourful characters and a breathtaking story combine in this enchanting show.

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Co-commissioned by: the Civic Theatre, Barnsley,

Funded by: Arts Council England

Adapted & Directed by: Daphna Attias

Designed by: Anna Bruder

Music by: Yaniv Fridel and Lemez Lovas

Associate director: Terry O’Donovan

Cast: Maya Politaki, Clara Solana, Sam Alty & Charlie Hendren

We would like to thank:

Arts Council England,  Barnsley Civic & Eco presents