In addition to producing innovative new performances, Peut-Être Theatre also offers an exciting workshop programme for schools, hospitals & families. Our workshops can be used to help build buzz around our upcoming theatre shows, entertain children and families at events or in hospital, or tie in to curriculum learning objectives for a school classroom.

Members of the company can be booked on a daily or weekly basis either for short workshops or residencies.

Workshops are highly customizable and flexible, and are typically 45 minutes in length.

Example workshops include:

Dance workshop for children and their adults

How can we tell a story through dance and movement? And how can we express a character through dance? Children will create a short dance phrase to music using natural movements and physical expression.

Storytelling & Movement

The children will be introduced to the different ways to create characters and build on those to create a character of their own and devise a short story inspired those characters.

Music and performance

Play games and sing songs used while making a show. Children and their families will see what rhythms and melodies they can come up with, working as a team and using their voices and bodies.

Tidy Up

The Tidy Up Movement Workshops will be an exploration of the themes from the show in dance and movement. Children will play with the ideas of order and chaos and move in different motions and create their own rhythm.


The workshop will be an exploration of the themes of the show in dance and movement. Children will move like the different sounds boing, woosh, tick tock, splash… Listen to silence and create a fun cacophony!

Hospital Workshops

Click here for more information about our hospital workshops and creative engagement programme.

Please contact Michelle at if you are interested in booking a workshop and together we will discuss how Peut-Être Theatre can best help your school or organisation.