British Podcast Awards - Silver Award 2023
Peut-Être Theatre
At the Zoo

A podcast for little ones to move to,
In partnership with London Zoo,
a ZSL conservation zoo

Animated Flamingo Hand-drawn Illustration
1 Flamingo
Animated Lion Hand-drawn Illustration
2 Lion
Animated Komodo Dragon Hand-drawn Illustration
3 Komodo Dragon
Animated Elephant Hand-drawn Illustration
4 Elephant
Animated Butterfly Hand-drawn Illustration
5 Butterfly
Animated Penguin Hand-drawn Illustration
6 Penguin
Animated Meerkat Hand-drawn Illustration
7 Meerkat
Animated Giraffe Hand-drawn Illustration
8 Giraffe

A podcast for little ones to move to, and in this series we're going to the zoo! 

We’re meeting lots of animals and their zookeepers, and finding out all about how they move, eat, sleep and play - the animals that is, not the humans!

In each episode we're learning about a different animal, from lions and meerkats to giraffes and komodo dragons. You can listen along and waddle like a penguin, strut like a flamingo, charge like an elephant, and flutter like a butterfly

Recommended ages 4+

15 - 20 minutes

  1. Creator & Director: Daphna Attias 
  2. Contributing Writers: Daphna Attias, Rachel Bagshaw, Bridie Donaghy, Bridget Lappin, Meera Patel and Maya Politaki.
  3. Narrator: Charlie Hendren
  4. Composers & Sound Designers: Ellie Isherwood, Yaniv Fridel & Ben Kelly
  5. Access Consultant: Amelia Cavallo
  6. Movement Consultant: Ayse Tashkiran 
  7. Producer: Bridie Donaghy
  8. Marketing Manager: Vic Shead 
  9. Podcast Illustration: Evie Fridel

Audiomoves at the Zoo is funded by Arts Council England, with support from Phoenix Court, the Unicorn Theatre, The Place, Full House Theatre, Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Peut-Être Theatre is supported by Arts Council England, Backstage Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Foyle Foundation and Phoenix Court. 

We have created 8 teacher packs, each relating to an animal featured on the podcast, with lesson plans in English, Science and Dance for KS1 and KS2.

Each lesson plan has a number of suggestsed activities, these can follow on from eachother or be delivered in isolation. Feel free to cherry pick the best ones for you!

Check out our Audiomoves at the zoo teacher resources.

Arts Council EnglandLondon Zoo, a ZSL conservation zoo

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