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A bedtime podcast for little ones

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'A gorgeous digital series' 
Audiomoves is no.5 in the Guardian's 20 best podcasts for kids

Dive into a world of relaxing movement, expert knowledge and gentle soundscapes all designed to help your little ones unwind and drift into dreamland.

Each episode is crafted to spark imagination and bring calm, making bedtime a more soothing experience for everyone.

Perfect for parents seeking a peaceful evening routine, join us on this nightly adventure, and let Audiomoves goes to Sleep be your trusted bedtime companion.

Tune in wherever you get your podcasts and make bedtime magical.

Recommended ages 4+

10 -15 minutes

  1. Creator & Director: Daphna Attias 
  2. Narrator: Charlie Hendren
  3. Writers: Jordan AjadiBridie Donaghy, Bridget Lappin, Maya Politaki
  4. Composers & Sound Designers: Ellie Isherwood, Yaniv FridelBen Kelly
  5. Sleep experts: Matthew Davies, Dr Caroline Horton, Professor Matt Jones, Helen Rutherford
  6. Producer: Bridie Donaghy
  7. Engagement Producer: Niki Lavithis 
  8. Access Consultant: Amelia Cavallo
  9. Marketing Manager: Vic Shead 
  10. Podcast Illustration: Evie Fridel
  11. Graphic Design: Studio27Eleven

Thank you to the children at Edith Neville Primary School, Katesgrove Primary School, Carlton Hill Primary School, Full House Theatre Houghton Regis Art Town group, & Great Ormond Street Hospital for all their brilliant questions.

Audiomoves goes to sleep is funded by Arts Council England, with support from Phoenix Court, Full House Theatre and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Peut-Être Theatre is supported by Arts Council England, Backstage Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Foyle Foundation and Phoenix Court. 

Audiomoves is a great resource for primary teachers. Episodes can be used at KS1 and 2 to deliver dance as part of the PE curriculum, as a sensory break activity, or to connect to other areas of the curriculum with movement sequences themed around Forces, Weather, Light and many more. 

Check our our Teacher Resource Pack which includes lesson plans on how to use Audiomoves in the classroom, and how to write your own Audiomoves episode.

You can also watch a recording of our Audiomoves teacher training event: Audiomoves CPD Recording

"The structure is fantastic – the way it moves from warm up, to energising to calm, is brilliant."
Adrian Largo, year 4 teacher

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