Peut-Être Theatre

Dare  to  sea

Circus, dance and live projections. For children and their adults.

On the beach the man hesitates and dithers – he is afraid of water. Yet the woman who was beside him a split-second ago has just dived among the folds of the waves…

Overcoming his fear, he plunges in and dances with the storm, discovering what is under the surface: a new world teeming with wild fish, juggling mermaids and dark creatures in the abyss. It is a dangerous and marvellous place where love and courage collide in an acrobatic dance.

A magical journey, Dare to Sea is a Franco-British collaboration bringing together dancers, circus and visual artists. The aquatic world is conjured through hand-made animated projections; waves are created through an original score and objects such as juggling clubs become fish darting through the water. Dive in to indulge yourself in a magical and moving adventure of waves, acrobatics and magnificent images.

Suitable for ages 3+

  1. Directors: Daphna Attias & Gaëlle Bisellach
  2. Artists: Maya Politaki, Clara Solana, Gaëlle Cathelineau, Colin Jolet
  3. Live visuals: Franck Française
  4. Scenography: Delirium Lumens
  5. Lighting Design: Jackie Shemesh
  6. Music: Yaniv Fridel
  7. Costumes: Julie Deljéhier

Coming soon...

Presented by Peut-Être Theatre & La Manœuvre.

We would like to thank: Lighthouse, Poole, Jackson’s Lane, PASS, Arts Council, CSM.

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Dare To See is a “colourful, interactive landscape”- Puppet Centre

This production is no longer touring. You can view an archive of Dare to Sea's performance history below, and see the What's On page for other productions which may be touring now.

Jun 2015
  • Mediatheque, Hulon, Israel
Apr 2015
  • Le Rexy, Riom, France
Mar 2015
  • L’Amphithéâtre, Pont De Claix, France
Feb 2015
  • Cirque Jules Verne, Amiens, France
Jan 2015
  • Billom, Billom, France
Jan 2015
  • Théâtre d’Aurillac, Aurillac, France
Nov 2014
  • The North Wall, Oxford, UK
Nov 2014
  • artsdepot, London, UK
Nov 2014
  • Jackson’s Lane, London, UK
Oct 2014
  • The Lighthouse, Poole, UK

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