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Tidy Up

tidy  UP

When it starts out ship-shape, there’s only one way for it to go… this dance-theatre show gets all messed up!

As we wriggle our way through the muddle of life we often discover things anew. So why can’t tidiness be exciting for children or chaos joyful for parents? Who said there’s a ‘right way’ anyway?

Inspired by the child’s desire to create order, patterns and systems, this show is a witty and uplifting journey discovering if chaos and order can ever live side-by-side… with plenty of surprises, Tidy Up is an unforgettable party!

Suitable for ages 3+

Running time 45 mins

Created and devised by Peut-Être Theatre.

  1. Director: Daphna Attias
  2. Movement Director: Ayse Tashkiran
  3. Designer: Cecilia Carey
  4. Composer & Sound Designer: Yaniv Fridel
  5. Lighting Designer: Dan Saggars
  6. Cast: Charlie Hendren, Maya Politak & Anna Richmond
  7. Understudies: Robert Keates, Bridget Lappin
  8. Production Manager: Faith Rowley
  9. Original Stage Manager: Anastasia Booth
  10. Costume Assistant: Rosie Holditch (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama)
  11. Administrative Assistant: Valia Huang (Goldsmith University)
  12. Assistant Composer & Programmer: Oscar Moos (Soho Sonic Studios)
  13. Movement Placement: Julie Shaw (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama)
  14. Assistant Stage Manager: Megan Taylor (Roehampton Univeristy)

We had the privilege to collaborate with GOSH Arts on our research, development and production of Tidy Up. We have created the show entirely at the hospital which was the most inspiring and uplifting creation process. In Autumn 2017 we moved in to the hospital. We had a dedicated space in the hospital cafeteria as our rehearsal space for three weeks and used this as a base to work across the hospital. We facilitated workshops, performances and discussions in spaces ranging from waiting rooms to the bedside, the play centre and the café. This collaboration challenged us as artists as well as the entire hospital staff and families and inspired many of the children who took part. It also inspired our programme to bring our work to further children’s hospitals across the UK. 

Our creation process was informed by scientific input from The Paediatric Psychology Department at GOSH who helped us analyse the importance of order and mess in early years development and their impact on children’s learning.


“The idea originated firstly through conversations with my children; there is not a day in which I don’t ask them to tidy up their room and it’s a constant source of tension in most families I know. So I wanted to find a way to question whether tidying up could be fun for children and if chaos could be fun for parents.

When GOSH Arts invited us to undertake a residency at Great Ormond Street Hospital we sat down together to think how we could make our presence there meaningful for the patients and their families. We made the decision to use this time to create this show in close collaboration with the children, families and staff at the hospital.

By definition chaos is 'a greatly complex system whose behaviour is so unpredictable as to appear random'. So we explored if it could be that what ‘appears’ random to an adult is actually organised in a child’s perception. We asked If a parent’s orderly world be equally incomprehensible to a child and could a system or a routine, destined to effectuate order, uncoil into pandemonium simply by over functioning.  We hoped to knock down preconceptions of right and wrong we will investigate what is it that actually dictates our sense of order”.

Daphna Attias, Director


“GOSH Arts commission site specific artwork for Great Ormond Street Hospital and run a cross art participatory programme which brings culture into the hospital every day for families to engage with and enjoy. The holistic environment we create though art interventions can alleviate boredom, distract from challenging situations and have a positive impact on both the physical and mental health of our families and staff.

Hosting Theatre Peut-Être at Great Ormond Street Hospital was an incredible experience for both families and staff alike.  Alongside meetings with clinicians, each day of their residency the Theatre Peut-Être creative team ran a workshop with children and the movements, conversations and experiences that came out of these sessions directly fed into the choreography of Tidy Up. At the end of each week’s rehearsal families were invited to review the material developed in a family led critique allowing them to directly shape a professional piece of performance that other families can now enjoy.

The development of Tidy Up has been an amazing collaborative process and the integrity and joy in its development shines throughout the show.”

Caroline Moore, & Susie Hall, Gosh Arts

The production was developed in partnership with GOSH Arts, patients and families and the Psychological Services Department at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

There are currently no scheduled performances of this production.

You can view a touring history of this show below, and see the What's On page for other productions which may be touring now.

15 Feb 2020
  • St Barnabas Library, Leicester
15 Feb 2020
  • Pork Pie Library, Leicester
14 Feb 2020
  • Pork Pie Library, Leicester
13 Feb 2020
  • Pork Pie Library, Leicester
12 Feb 2020
  • St Barnabas Library, Leicester
11 Feb 2020
  • St Barnabas Library, Leicester
2 Jun 2019
  • Attenborough Arts Centre, University of Leicester, Leicester, LE1 7HA, UK
30 May 2019
  • Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury, UK
29 May 2019
  • Gulbenkian, University of Kent, Canterbury CT2 7NB, UK
28 May 2019
  • Sheffield Children's Hospital, Sheffield, UK
27 May 2019
  • Sheffield Children's Hospital, Sheffield, UK
24 May 2019
  • Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Edinburgh, UK
23 May 2019
  • The Studio, Edinburgh, EH8 9BL, UK
22 May 2019
  • Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Edinburgh, UK
23 Nov 2018
  • GOSH Arts Conference, London
27 Oct 2018
  • The Egg, Bath, UK
27 Oct 2018
  • Southampton General Hospital, Southampton, UK
24 Oct 2018
  • Nuffield Southampton Theatres, Southampton, UK
23 Oct 2018
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK
21 Jul 2018
  • The Place, London, UK
17 Jun 2018
  • Z Arts, Manchester, UK
2 Jun 2018
  • Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre, Leighton Buzzard, UK
29 May 2018
  • Salisbury Playhouse, Salisbury, UK
27 May 2018
  • Gala Durham, Durham, UK
17 Mar 2018
  • Pontio, Bangor, Wales
11 Mar 2018
  • The Albany, London, UK
10 Mar 2018
  • North Wall, Oxford, UK
4 Mar 2018
  • Barnsley Civic, Barnsley, UK
3 Mar 2018
  • Stratford Circus, London, UK
25 Feb 2018
  • Polka Theatre, London, UK
16 Feb 2018
  • Southbank, London, UK
13 Feb 2018
  • Luton Library Theatre, Luton, UK
26 Nov 2017
  • Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham, UK
19 Nov 2017
  • The Lowry, Salford, UK
18 Nov 2017
  • Canada Water Theatre, London, UK
12 Nov 2017
  • Junction Theatre, Cambridge, UK
11 Nov 2017
  • Lighthouse, Poole, UK
5 Nov 2017
  • artsdepot, London, UK
4 Nov 2017
  • Southstreet, Reading, UK
28 Oct 2017
  • Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
23 Oct 2017
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK
22 Oct 2017
  • Watermans Arts Centre, London, UK
17 Dec 2016
  • Roundhouse, London, UK

I want to congratulate you on creating such an inventive, funny, entertainingly brilliant piece of dance theatre.


- OBE Shona Powell, Director of Lakeside Arts

Stunning show that was imaginative and captivating.

My 5 year old was transfixed from beginning to end and she howled with laughter.

Amazing piece of children’s theatre !


- Parent at Tidy Up

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